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5 Divided by 2 equals 3 and a half ?

When I first tried to put 5 over 2 I thought "5 divided by 2 =2.5 "
     so count 1,2,&,3,4,5  !!! ?

  !  SOMETHING WRONG THERE!   now what do I do ?
                          SO THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE:

    A:  what we are trying to do  3,5,7,9 ??     5

    B: First double it !.
            Two times nice and simple 5 over 1.
                ( or you could say 10 over 2)

   C: Then miss out every second beat .and there it is 5 over 2
             Now count the 5 on top as 1,2,3&4,5  and you'll see it works.

           I've included other groupings to show how  to split any odd number by 2.

           This technique  can be used in (normal)               
           odd time rhythms to make them seem less odd.